Smarter Coffee?

A WiFi enabled coffee machine, “why?” is the question people ask the most but I have to be honest this is a life changing bit of equipment.

Thats a big statement I know, but if like me you enjoy freshly ground coffee, have two kids, run a business and also do your bit on the keep fit front this thing really does make a difference. You can grind the coffee beans using the burr grinder to the coarseness you require, set the strength of the coffee, how many cups you want, keep it warm and most importantly do it from your phone in bed! People tend to laugh when I tell them about this bit of kit but it has to be said I love it, I can be working away, click a button on my phone and five minutes later my coffee is ready when I walk in to the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong I miss grinding the beans, then putting them in the cafeteria, boiling the kettle and pushing the plunger… but I think for the minute I might save that for a relaxing Sunday morning!

If you want to buy one just click here