StarWind Virtual SAN

With many firms now looking at cloud services to host systems such as email and files it can mean that only a small IT requirement is needed in house to run applications a firm may not be comfortable having hosted in the cloud. Alternatively many small business still like the feel of having servers hosted locally.

However to make sure systems have the sort of uptime that clients demand it has become increasingly costly to install two servers and a SAN for a high availability cluster for what might only be a couple of VM’s and this is where Starwind Virtual SAN steps up to the plate. Not for all clients but it allows you to mirror the drives on two machines thus creating one Virtual SAN that you can then build high availability cluster groups and can remove the expense of a SAN for a low cost software solution.

The Magma team have been trialling this solution with a client and it has to be said not only has it saved them thousands it also does the job very well, the system is currently running four VM’s which includes a database server, web server and two AD servers. with the load spread over two Hyper V hosts, additional test/development servers will now be moved on to the platform.

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