The Apple Watch?

Apple are about to make the step in to wearables, something that the Android market place has been trying to achieve for more than a year? With dismal sales of nearly all Android products can the Apple watch lead the way as they have done many times in the past… In my opinion the short answer is no, don’t get me wrong I think as always with any new Apple product you have the new adopters but I think most people just don’t see the point? Why spend between £500 to £10,000 on something that essentially doesn’t do an awful lot, or really adds an awful lot to the mix? Do you really want to be able to open your hotel door with a watch? Answer a call? Or even read and reply to text messages etc…

Garmin, Polar and Tom Tom are already heavily in to the sports market with GPS watches something Apple is trying to ride on the back off, but the Garmin, Polar and Tom Tom watches already have well defined apps, are great for the sports market and offer some of the features already available with an Apple watch.

So unlike the iPad when although I couldn’t understand it, when I bought one I totally got how it was a game changer, I am, probably like many others just not bothered about replacing my current old trusty watch that does something pretty retro and just tells the time!